A recent poll conducted by Harris found that Millennial wine consumers are less likely to be repeat buyers of the same wines, backing up marketers’ frequent characterization of Millennials as diverse and nomadic in their purchasing decisions. Only 32% of Millennials (or Echo Boomers, as Harris calls them), aged LDA to 35, report “sometimes or frequently” purchasing a bottle of wine they’ve had before, compared with above 50% for consumers aged 48 and older, and 40% for Generation X consumers, aged 36-47. Overall, almost half of U.S. adults over 21 say they drink wine several times per month (48%) and over one in five say they usually purchase four or more bottles per month (22%). Nearly 90% of consumers surveyed said they purchase American wines, with around one-third reporting purchases of Italian, Australian and French wines, and around one-fifth reporting purchases of Chilean, Spanish, Argentine and German wines. Harris’s poll consisted of 2,056 adults surveyed online February 6-13.