Occupy Brisbane: Shocking brutality by police | Australian Culture | Scoop.it

When I first looked at the raw footage included in this Brisbane Times article on Thursday's police clearing of Occupy Brisbane from Queens Park, I thought the cries of the protesters were from fear - maybe even a little put on. But looking more carefully, I realised police were employing painful prisoner restraint techniques where joints are bent back on themselves.


The still above, 1 minute into the video, shows one girl having her wrist bent back and another having her shoulder and elbow wrenched. In both cases, these are deliberate attempts by police to inflict extreme pain. Both protesters were later released without charge - well, it's hard to charge someone for sitting quietly in a public place.


Given the context - the peaceable protest, the absence of retaliation or menace from the teens, the apparent lack of any former attempt to simply pull the protestors to their feet - it's probably not an overstatement to say that this was police torture. That they were willing to act in this way meters from video cameras is a sad indictment of Queensland police.