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Megaupload Shutdown Boosted TV and VOD Services

Megaupload Shutdown Boosted TV and VOD Services | Audiovisual Interaction |

The French government agency responsible for administering the country's '3 strikes' anti-piracy scheme is reporting that online TV and other VOD services have received a boost following the shutdown of Megaupload.


Megaupload’s Megavideo was one of France’s most popular Internet video services. In December 2011, Megavideo ranked 9th behind market leaders YouTube and big names such as Daily Motion, Canal + and Vimeo, pulling in nearly 3 million visitors.


Hadopi says the data shows that overall the VOD, catchup TV and aggregator platforms enjoyed a significant 25.7% growth when compared to the weeks immediately prior to Megaupload closure.


Ed.Note - Lets now make things easy for the end-user. Not all can be solved by fighting piracy: it'll come back in an other way. We need to provide them simple, fast and easy-to-use services... Go and browse the VOD catalog of an IPTV service and you'll understand what I mean. Even iTunes is impressively awkward.

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Megaupload Closure Boosts Video on Demand and Online TV

Megaupload Closure Boosts Video on Demand and Online TV | Audiovisual Interaction |
The French government's anti-piracy body has revealed initial figures on what happened to Megauploads audience. A large part of it, initially at least, seems to have moved to legitimate streaming services.
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