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Audiovisual Interaction
If you like audiovisual interaction, you are on the right page! We post news articles that interest us: multi-screen solutions, OTT, social TV, navigational interfaces, digital content on TV, companion devices and the web, synchronised advertising and much much more!
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Second Screen Engagement

Second Screen Engagement | Audiovisual Interaction |
Report: Tablet Owners Shop While Using Devices and Watching TV - #SecondScreen Engagement | #SocialTV Apps - The Future of Multiplatform Television, Transmedia, Social TV, Smart TV and Connected TV...
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What kind of second screen viewer are you?

What kind of second screen viewer are you? | Audiovisual Interaction |

Not every TV viewer is the same, and that also goes for viewers who engage with the second screen. Miso conducted a qualitative study to profile the different kinds of second screen personas, and the results are certainly worth sharing.

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