Audiovisual Interaction
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Audiovisual Interaction
If you like audiovisual interaction, you are on the right page! We post news articles that interest us: multi-screen solutions, OTT, social TV, navigational interfaces, digital content on TV, companion devices and the web, synchronised advertising and much much more!
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Rescooped by miradatv from Video Breakthroughs!

6 Online Video Trends to Watch in 2013

Get an advance peek at the online video trends that will shape 2013 and how you can capitalize on the disruption to come.

You will learn:
• What service providers can do to profit from the rise of OTT video
• How the migration to longer-form video content will effect OTT providers and existing Pay TV operators
• How the combination of CDNs and Transparent Caching can be a dynamic duo for service providers

Via Nicolas Weil
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