Audiovisual 2.0
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Audiovisual 2.0
La rete al centro dei nuovi linguaggi e delle nuove pratiche audiovisive. Possono le culture partecipative diventare i nuovi propulsori dell'innovazione linguistica?
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The Future of Video Is About Learning How To Tell Great Emotional Stories

"...interviews with people from Vimeo, Adobe, Blackmagic design, Motionographer, Cinema 4D, Sehsucht, Mashable, Digital Bolex and many more."

Via Robin Good, Fotis Begklis
Robin Good's curator insight, April 15, 2014 11:52 AM

In this SxSW set of video interviews captured by Wipster (a collaborative video review and approval service) with some of the "experts" in the online video publishing field, you can hear most of what you already know and expect from the future of video: 4K, real-time editing, effects, 3D, small screens and more. 

What instead emerges as the real challenge though, is to realize that no matter what kind of tools and services you use, the difficult part is to have a good story and to learn how to tell it on video.

Tools are great and easy indeed, but they don't make anyone a capable storyteller instantly. This is what we really need to work on.

No need to view all 12+ minutes of the video. Just check the first and the last interview in this clip and you will get the real meat.  

Insightful. Informative. 7/10

Original video: 

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Cinderella 2.0: Transmedia Storytelling

"This short film, created by our Madrid office, is a tutorial for storytelling, brand content and transmedia. It illustrates Draftfcb's commitment to creating powerful creative ideas that work seamlessly across a variety of media touch points to connect with consumers."

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Creating an Interactive Adventure

Creating an Interactive Adventure | Audiovisual 2.0 |

Edwin McRae: "We’re going to look out at how you take a linear, ink-on-page story (novel, short story, kids book, comic) or light-on-screen story (film, short film, TV series) and turn it into a GAME. How to turn passive storytelling into interactive storytelling" ...

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Diy Days Paris - De l’inspiration a l’action

Storytelling - Audience / Collaborators - Prototypes ...

Lance Weiler -> 21' 30" - 51' 46"


Viol. Les voix du silence 

Aurelie Taguet - Nouvelles Ecritures/France Television -> 2h 03" - 2h 19"

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The Transmedia Secret of Secret Cinema

The Transmedia Secret of Secret Cinema | Audiovisual 2.0 |
This past November, I made the trip for the second year in a row to the Mozilla Festival in London, a three day technology binge fest that brings together some of the world's top thinkers to consider and shape the future of the web.

Via Justin Nalepa
Justin Nalepa's curator insight, March 26, 2013 6:27 PM

The transmedia secret behind it all:


"At its core, it is surprisingly simple -- completely immerse your audience into the world of the movie, beginning days before they even step near the theater, as a means to get them to connect with the story in a deeper way."