Transmedia Synergies: Remediating Films and Video Games | Audiovisual 2.0 |

Henry Jenkins presents  in this way the video by Mathias Stork, a UCLA Film and Media Studies graduate student:


"I am hoping we will see more examples of these kinds of analytic video essays in the future, and there are several others featured in this issue of Mediascape. Second, because the issues it discusses — having to do with the interplay between video games and cinema, notions of remediation and transmedia storytelling — are ones which we regularly discuss through this blog and which I know many of my readers are finding ways to teach. Stork’s video essay reviews a broad range of theorists and approaches which we might take to think comparatively about old and new forms of entertainment and illustrates them with a compelling selection of clips from contemporary films and games"

Henry Jenkins


"The goal of the video essay is to sketch out the culture of synergy situated at the intersection of cinema and video games, taking account of journalistic, industrial, and, predominantly, aesthetic correspondences between the two media."

Matthias Stork


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