Frontiers In Story Branding -- Great Minds On Music | audio branding |

It all began as a simple idea: sitting down face-to-face with some of the best minds in the world of advertising, asking for their perspectives on the relationship of music and sound to brands and marketing.


Now here is an unusual but totally thought-provoking article on how music is critical to the art of branding.


How did this article end up here in this content about biz storytelling? Very simply -- because telling a compelling story is all about feeding sensory material (the language of the senses) to your audience: sights, sounds, tastes, tacticle sensations, and smells. Music can be a key ingredient if used wisely. This is becoming more critical in branding efforts in the age of the Internet.


This article clearly lays out the whys and wherefors about the role of music in branding. Link music into your biz stories that you share online or in presentations and you've got a double whammy working together for even more power. It's called 'audio branding.'


As the article says, "We have a tremendous ability to remember music. Songs from our adolescence make a deep emotional connection. Years later, we instantly recall the context of when we first heard them."


Enjoy reading about audio branding and understanding the link to brand storytelling.

Via Karen Dietz