The Myth of Creativity in Selling: Why Traditional Advertising Is Dead and The Future is All About Listening | Business Attractitude |

"Warning: If you're addicted to spending ungodly amounts of money in an effort to interrupt enough people into becoming "aware" of your product, service, or idea ... skip this. You ain't gonna like it."


Robin Good: A great article by Robert Bruce on CopyBlogger starts with this very warning and deservedly so. 


The article talks about the myth of creativity in selling and of how much inappropriate is the traditional advertising business model with the new situation we are in right now in .



Here are three steps to creating a “campaign” that will last:

1) Build a minimum viable audience with useful, educational, and entertaining content.


2) Listen carefully to their frustrations, fears, problems, and desires.


3) Create or adapt products and services that better serve them."


Highly Recommended. 9/10


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