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10 Ways to Use Hashtags for Your Business

10 Ways to Use Hashtags for Your Business | AtDotCom Social media |
If you’ve seen something that looks like this on Twitter – #awordorphrase – and aren’t sure what it’s all about, it’s a hashtag, and it’s meant to organize the stream of billions of Tweets into categories. 

Let’s say you see #SMB and you click the link. You’ll find all the most recent tweets using this hashtag. These are likely people interested in small business.

10 Ways to Use Hashtags for Your Business; read more:

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Debenhams is the latest UK high street retailer to roll out free O2 WiFi

Debenhams is the latest UK high street retailer to roll out free O2 WiFi | AtDotCom Social media |
O2 has taken another step in the move to dominate the UK high street with the provision of free WiFi. We like this game, as telecoms companies go for the land grab, we get to find more WiFi on the move.
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Two Features Of The Fancy That Are Dangerous For Pinterest - Forbes

Two Features Of The Fancy That Are Dangerous For Pinterest - Forbes | AtDotCom Social media |

So far I have somehow managed not to fall victim to the lure of endless pictures of food, clothing, cute dogs and countless other images found on, the pinboard-style social photo-sharing site.

Being familiar with the site, and familiar with how popular it has gotten during the last year or so, I wasn’t surprised when I heard of other new startups challenging the success of Pinterest. While there have been a few, is a social photo-sharing site that has some early signs that it could give Pinterest a real run for its money.


By Mat Miller

Via Kelly Lieberman
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Sales Lessons for Life -- What Story Has To Do With It

Does life teach us about selling or does selling teach us about life? No doubt, it works both ways. But the business of sales and those who find their careers in selling, are unique. Selling involves full engagement and the most successful salespeople agree that they never really leave it; that selling is in fact, a way of life.

Here is what I love about this SlideShare file:

  1. It is a great example of visual storytelling using compelling, engaging photos that evoke emotion and curiosity.
  2. Several points made in the tips focus on storytelling elements that create engagement -- like listening.
  3. Key messages are crisp and clear.
  4. The message is on building relationships -- a critical product of sharing stories.

The presentation in and of itself does not follow classic story structure. But the advice is solid and familiar. The tips are great reminders for creating success and gaining more sales.  And who couldn't use that occasionally? 

And take some lessons here on visual storytelling for your next presentation!

This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at 

Via Karen Dietz
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9 Essential Steps To Mastery - Optimized Content Marketing

9 Essential Steps To Mastery - Optimized Content Marketing | AtDotCom Social media |

Search Engine Optimization has been around for at least 15 years and has undergone many changes as search technologies and consumer behaviors evolve.

There is an assumption here that content marketers have done their  homework in defining customer segments, preferences, pain points and goals has been completed along with a mapping of those needs to the products and services mix.  

Basically answering the question “Why?”.

1. What’s the story? Products and services content often include features and benefits but it’s also important to think about the “story”. What makes the product unique? What key problems does it solve?  What would lead a customer to this product and how does it help them achieve a particular goal? There’s a story to every product, because facts might tell but stories sell. Find the story and deconstruct it to the key concepts.

2. Define Topics and Keywords. The essence of a product’s value can be translated into topics that are further synthesized into search keywords and social topics. Build out a keyword glossary using these topics so there is a reference document for content producers. Empathize with the language prospects might use to search or seek on the social web relevant to the product. Keyword research tools like the free Google AdWords Keyword Tool can help make suggestions and provide information about popularity and competitiveness.

3. Optimized Content. The editorial plan will identify a path from awareness to purchase and suggest specific content types designed to guide the prospect on their journey.  Optimizing content for discovery through search or social networks can expedite connections between brand solutions and people actively looking.

The takeaway for on-page content optimization and SEO copywriting is to focus on optimizing for people, for customers first. Content that does not inform, persuade or inspire is worthless.

4. Audit. Search engines make copies of content on the web and if that process is inefficient or difficult for the search engine, it can cause problems with search visibility.

5. Content Plan. Most companies are not publishing content that represents the needs of their target customers, especially when it comes to search and social media topics. Creating new, thoughtful content that has a purpose for guiding the customer through the sales cycle is Content Marketing 101 – but often executed a bit differently in the world of SEO.

6. Go & Grow Social. Building out channels of distribution for great content is essential for growing visibility. Social networks are ideal for this so it’s important to identify networks that are relevant for customers and those who influence them. Growing social networks through smart participation and being valuable is essential.

7.  Link Building. Besides social links, attracting links from other sites to your content continues to be an important signal for delivering visitors and as a search engine ranking signal. Don’t buy links, earn them!

8. Publicity. Online media, whether it’s blogs or the websites of mainstream publications, continue to have influence over readers and as signals for search engines.

9. Set Goals and Measure Them. What makes content marketing so valuable is that it seeks to understand the needs of a target audience in order to achieve a certain brand objective. With goals, analytics are essential as is monitoring of progress towards those goals.

To make the most out of the traffic that does visit your great content, get up to speed on conversion optimization to ensure a great user experience and business outcomes according to your mutual goals with customers.

By Lee Odden -


Via maxOz
John van den Brink's comment, June 12, 2012 6:45 AM
Great posts, thanks!
maxOz's comment, June 12, 2012 7:30 AM
John, I extremely pleased that you enjoy, thank you xxx
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Social Shares Trump Keywords in Google Search Rankings

Social Shares Trump Keywords in Google Search Rankings | AtDotCom Social media |

From the original article: "In Google’s post-Panda/Penguin search algorithm, social shares are now more important than keywords. This is one of the takeaways from a comprehensive study of UK Google ranking factors by search analytics firm Searchmetrics.


The study was based on a data-set of 10,000 selected top-keywords, 300,000 websites and millions of links, shares and tweets collected in February and March of 2012. Searchmetrics aggregated billions of data points looking for the answer to one basic the question: “Which factors are relevant for a good ranking in Google search results”?"


Full article:

Via Antonino Militello, Robin Good
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Should Executives Start To Actively Build Their Online Presence ?

Should Executives Start To Actively Build Their Online Presence ? | AtDotCom Social media |



START BLOGGING AND TWEETING NOW !  Forrester Research Chief Executive Officer George Colony 


Personally I don’t think executives should wait 15 years to start building their reputation online.


To attract talent, companies need to use the tools used by their future executives so if you are thinking attracting 25+ 30+ future stars in your business you should start be accessible to them.


Charisma is not enough anymore you have to share who you are and what you think from the inside out to build your credibility and trust among future employees.

Via Anne Egros, donhornsby
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Ten Surefire Tips for Social Networking

Ten Surefire Tips for Social Networking | AtDotCom Social media |

I selected this piece written by Jeff Mortimer for Herald and News because social networking is rapidly becoming a critical component to influence and drive business objectives.  I found this article informative and the suggestions provided a great framework for any business to create an effective social networking program.

Here's something important to consider before your company decides to embark on the social network journey.


"The confusion lies in exactly what a successful social media platform can do for your company.

*Too many organizations are relying on gut instinct and crude metrics to assess payback from their growing social media presence

**Without an accurate measurement framework, they risk misinterpretation that can lead to misinformed decisions on budget (and time) allocations and marketing mix.

Did you know that...

**62% of twitter users who become followers of a brand are more likely to buy that brand's products?

**60% of Facebook users who become a fan of a brand are more likely to recommend that brand to a friend

**74% of consumers aree influenced on buying decisions by fellow socializers afer soliciting input via social media

Here are a few out of 10 great tips for you to succeed on social networks:

**Get Your Entire Team Involved with Marketing: This is one of the most overlooked and under utilized tool that you have

**Strategy Before Tactics: Decide who matters. Without this concentration on an ideal target audience, your marketing strategy will often lack focus.

**Identify Your Ideal Client: Does your client want what you have and do they value what you do?

**Discover Your Core Marketing Message: Your claim should be powerful and intentional and, once crafted, should quickly communicate the difference between you and your competitors — is it your service, price, product? Ask your clients first.

Curated by Jan Gordon covering, "Content Curation, Social Business and Beyond"

Read full article here:    []

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The 10 Commandments of Using Pinterest for Business (infographic)

The 10 Commandments of Using Pinterest for Business (infographic) | AtDotCom Social media |

There are some must-know actions you need to take in order to leverage Pinterest's massive potential for referring customers to your business. Let's call them the 10 Commandments of Pinterest.



Via Brian Yanish -, Katia Frolova
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