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Rescooped by John van den Brink from Digital-By-Design!

FastCo’s Cliff Kuang On Infographics And The Infographics Industry

FastCo’s Cliff Kuang On Infographics And The Infographics Industry | AtDotCom Social media |

These article is a wonderful conversation between Cliff Kuang (@cliffkuang), founding editor of Fast Company’s Co.Design, the publication’s site dedicated to the discussion of the intersection between business and design. Previously, Kuang has been an editor at I.D. magazine and The Economist. His work has been featured in Wired, Popular Science, and GOOD, and Column Five about Infographics.

They  talked about the good, the bad, and the ugly, as well as where the industry is headed.

Here is a "snippet" of the transcript [of the conversation]


What do you think makes a good Infographic?
There’s not just one thing that makes a good Infographic. There are elements that the good ones possess:

1. Clarity of point of view
2. Consistency of vision
3. They are beautiful


Infographics are about telling stories through images. There should be an end point and a plot, and it’s all about how you convey it. Good graphics can stay with the metaphor longer. Good graphics are the ones where the messages aren’t always surprising but where the plot points are being told in a new way. Also, just because something is complex, varied, and adorned, doesn’t mean that it’s rich.


It’s rare that you find good Infographics that get two pieces right, but the last piece isn’t done well. The people who produce good Infographics tend to get all three right.


Continue reading here


By Josh Ritchie


Column Five

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Robin Thank You for sharing x
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Is Your Social Media Campaign On Track?

Is Your Social Media Campaign On Track? | AtDotCom Social media |

Return On Digital have put all their hints and tips into an Infographic.

Covering how to interact and increase brand engagement within the three main social platforms, FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn, in order to create a starting point for those who may be new to this arena.

Social Media Executive, Tim states: “Social is still really new in the grand scheme of things, and is evolving all the time. We know from experience what techniques are more likely to work for SMEs and which ones could be harmful to their brand image. With more than 900 million users on Facebook, approximately 360 million users on Twitter, and at least 161 million LinkedIn accounts, these growing networks can be targeted for business leads and sales with the correct strategy.

However, without an effective strategy and an understanding of their customer’s online behaviour, it could be a waste of valuable business hours.”

This fun Infographic is a quick and easy to use guide to ensure businesses ‘stay on track’ in social media.


By Hannah Atkinson


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Mithu, with Appreciation!
Rescooped by John van den Brink from Exploring Change Through Ongoing Discussions!

The Power of Trust & The Ability To Tackle Challenges Together

The Power of Trust & The Ability To Tackle Challenges Together | AtDotCom Social media |

I chose this piece by Jose Baldaia today because it is profound and relevant.


“The most productive people are the most trusting people. If this seems to be an astonishing statement, it shows how distorted the concept of trust has become. Trust is one of the most essential qualities of human relationships. Without it, all human interaction, all commerce, all society would disappear.” Taylor McConnell

Here's what I took away from this article:

**We're all facing trying times, so much change and chaos, it's essential that we trust ourselves and each other to find solutions together for some very difficult challenges ahead.

**How well do we know each other and ourselves? This is an important question and it starts with ourselves, continually looking inside for our true voice and purpose

**We must find our own clarity and purpose and act from that place in all of our dealings with others on and offline to build trust.

**We need to have confidence in ourselves and find others whom we trust in order to co-create and find new meaning and solutions to problems together

Here are some highlights directly from Jose Baldaia:


Trust can be represented or felt at three distinct levels, namely, ethical, behavioral and knowledge that make us vulnerable according to the concept of acceptable risk that we set for ourselves and for others in these levels.


“To collaborate with others involves often have to face opposing thoughts, but it does not mean having to abdicate of ourselves for the benefit of the other or vice versa.

On the basis of collaboration is also creating a culture of courage and that is not only to make people courageous, it is to create conditions in which the courageous people can accomplish their projects.


A sustained balance between trust in me and trust in others, that is reciprocal, it is only possible to establish yourself by the feeling generated and perceived in these connections. It is only possible through effective communication."

Selected by Jan Gordon "Exploring Change Through Ongoing Discussions"

Read full article here: []

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Beth Kanter's comment, September 22, 2012 12:28 PM
Been thinking a lot about this lately - see:
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Say Goodbye to Record Stores and Physical Albums [INFOGRAPHIC]

Say Goodbye to Record Stores and Physical Albums [INFOGRAPHIC] | AtDotCom Social media |
Physical record sales are declining. Record stores may soon cease to exist thanks to digital music and unlimited live-streaming services.

Marty Note

The Havoc our digital revolution has waged on the music industry is sad but instructive. Bits and bytes are IN and STUFF is OUT. Here are the revolution's next targets NOT coming to a store near you:

* books.
* Movies.
* Magazines
* Real estate listings
* travel brochures
* College catalogs
* catalogs (wave bye to Victoria's Secret)
* Airline tickets (already half gone)
* Paper money (already half gone)

The litmus test is if it requires a printer wave bye since it will be increasingly cost prohibitive to print anything (eventually).

note added by Marty (Martin) Smith. Thanks Marty!

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Google +1s Are More Search-Friendly Than Facebook Likes

Google +1s Are More Search-Friendly Than Facebook Likes | AtDotCom Social media |

A new study has confirmed that Google +1s have a higher impact on organic search rankings than Facebook likes. Using their 13TB Roadmap database, digital agency Stickyeyes analysed upwards of 100 million ranking signal metrics to come to such a conclusion.

The study also looked at over 7,000 URLs ranking in the top 20 across competitive sectors of in their efforts, and then compared the amount of +1s and likes with each URLs popularity.

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72 Fascinating Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2012 | Jeffbullas's Blog

72 Fascinating Social Media Marketing Facts and Statistics for 2012 | Jeffbullas's Blog | AtDotCom Social media |
In this collection of 72 social media marketing facts and statistics find which social network creates the most B2B leads?

What marketing technique has the highest close ratio? The best day of the week is for Facebook posting?

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10 LinkedIn Shortcuts For A Post-Twitter World

10 LinkedIn Shortcuts For A Post-Twitter World | AtDotCom Social media |

By now, we’ve all heard about Twitter’s little break-up with LinkedIn – and discovered the consequence in our now tweet-free LinkedIn timelines.


As social media marketers, this adds a new wrinkle to our already hectic days of trying to juggle multiple social media channels.

LinkedIn may not be the sexiest social network, but it’s still an important one. It’s part of the Big Three (behind only Facebook and Twitter in popularity) and used by 73 percent of marketers, according to a recent study.


So while we wait on LinkedIn’s new update, life goes on — as do social media updates. What do we do now that our handiest shortcut to keeping our LinkedIn presence active has been taken away?


I dug around a little to uncover 10 ways to stay active on LinkedIn that are nearly as simple and painless as our gone-but-not-forgotten-Twitter connection. Check them out and then share your favorite shortcuts in the comments (seriously, I want to hear them.)

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Olympische Spelen krijgen Social Media Hub (video) | NieuweMedia

Olympische Spelen krijgen Social Media Hub (video) | NieuweMedia | AtDotCom Social media |

"De Olympische spelen die vrijdag in Londen beginnen, gaan de geschiedenis in als de Social Games. Voor het eerst krijgt het sportevenement een Social Media..."

[reactie Jojanneke: Ja maar IS dit nu eigenlijk wel een social media hub? Ik heb mijn twijfels nog wel. Het lijkt meer een portal richting de sociale platforms. Weinig meer of minder.]

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Giving Things Away With YOUR Help

Giving Things Away With YOUR Help | AtDotCom Social media |

After a tough week post-chemo I've decided the time to "get my affairs in order" is here. I don't share this to be depressing or sad. I am neither :). I'm tired of being sick (more tired than you can imagine), but I take heart in accomplishing something. Time to start any journey is always NOW.

Here is what we are going to do:

* Create the Story of Cancer trust (my estate will go into the trust).

* Create hybrid 501c3 nonprofit (allows some profits).

* Create a plan to consistently donate $1M to cancer research.  
* Give away my cherished URLs (,

* Give URLs to a 501c3 we believe will be a good partner. 
* Create a Story of Cancer community online. 

* Create the Cure Cancer Store. 
* Help cancer patients by curating information, sharing and becoming a resource.

* Help cancer researchers who aren't researching in the "normal" way (and so fight funding).

* Create a campaign, Save Martin, Save the World, to help Dr. van Deventer, my oncologist raise the $225,000 he needs to continue his research into CLL (my cancer :).

Since there are a lot of moving parts and I want to SEE the before moving on to whatever is next I've set plans in motion yesterday and today. Here is what will happen next:


I've ask Jon Jordan and Mark Foulkrod, my "bosses" (really my friends) at Atlantic BT ( ) to be the guardians of the trust. We are meeting on Thursday to iron out details.   


There are people who've been contributing resources and love right along who won't be forgotten such as Eric and Cynthia Garrison from ( They will be board members and continue to be trusted resources. Dr. Hank van Deventer will also be invited to be a board member. My brother and sister will be asked to be board members too (other suggestions?). 

Dr. Han van Deventer Pitch August 3
Will be presenting Story of Cancer business plan to Dr. van Deventer about the Story of Cancer trust and the Save Martin, Save the World campaign to Dr. V a week from this Friday (I will share a copy on ScentTrail Marketing). 

Set Appointment To See Karen Cochran at the Duke Cancer Institute
Haven't seen or talked to Karen since joining Atlantic BT (my bad) and Martin's Ride To Cure Cancer ( ), so overdue for a checkin and will make the Story of Cancer pitch.  

Your Help Is Needed 
 If you are reading this and would like to help there are a million ways you can become part of the Story of Cancer "team". Here are a few ideas I have sitting here today:

* Know a good Cancer Support 501c3 we should be talking to? Please share and we will include your recommendations in our pitch meetings and strategy. A great partner is one who will understand enough about Internet marketing to know of the immense value we are about to grant (in excess of $1M and possibly much, much more and let's hope so since $$$ and loving, hard working people is what will cure cancer).

* Know good board members? Boards can make or break an effort like this and I only have the one estate (lol), so intelligent, caring board members with experience where we are thin (nonprofit world of donations, grants and Charity Navigator) would be appreciated suggestions. 

* LIKE Cure Cancer Store and Story of Cancer on Facebook. This is where we will go to ask for ideas, feedback and inspiration.

* Ideation - This post may sound like I know what I'm doing. I know a little about Internet marketing but forming trusts and 501c3 are areas of absolute ignorance. If you have expertise and would like to help in exchange for little more than our thanks join our Facebook groups and give a shout out to my mobriff(at)gmail email.

* Friendship & Support - I have great friends! My friends are people I care about and who care about me. There is NO WAY to create anything or become a "cancer survivor" without support from strong friends. Thanks to those who have already saved my life and thanks to those who will continue to do so. You guys rock :) !.

Here is where we are forming the Story of Cancer community now (on Facebook):

Story of Cancer  

Cure Cancer Store: 


As always my thanks and love to all. 


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Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, July 26, 2012 2:53 AM
Thanks to good friends Khaled (one of the winners along with Susan Bainbridge of our Curation Contest), Liz and John for their ongoing support and encouragement. Together we cure cancer in OUR lifetime :). Thanks. Marty
Martin (Marty) Smith's comment, July 28, 2012 11:13 PM
Michele you made a hard week worth it :). Thanks. Meeting the other day with my boss didn't light the fire I'd hoped. Life is one pick yourself up off the ground, dust off and get back on the bicycle adventure (lol). Couldn't attempt without support from loving, kind friends like you. Thanks. M