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Want To Be A Great Tweeter? Create 3 Kinds of Tweets

Want To Be A Great Tweeter? Create 3 Kinds of Tweets | AtDotCom Social media |

Working with great cancer research centers on our new crowdfunding cancer research website ( is helping me slow down long enough to think about what works on social media. Nothing like having to explain things you do in automatic-mode to help examine marketing process.

After creating more than 20,000 Tweets I've noticed the kinds of tweets that are more likely to be shared and they fall into three groups:

* What's Happening NOW.
* Action verb tweets.

* Q&A Tweets.

The web only has one TIME and it is always NOW. Twitter is like the radio of the web. If something cool is happening NOW such as a Google Hangout or a revolution in Egypt Tweet it.

Action Verbs
See, Watch, Share, Learn and Listen are action verbs. Action verbs at the beginning of a Tweet are like an alert. Sometimes I use all CAPS for emphasis (but that can wear thin fast). You can also make a word that isn't typically an "action" verb have action-like qualities. AND Then He Tweeted This... makes AND an "action verb" because something seems to have just happened.

Questions are my favorite ways to tweet. Sometimes I use Q: What Is The Question of the Day A: Answer (asking and answer my own question). Answering my questions is helpful but not a conversation. I use this tactic to make specific points that benefit from sounding like a question and answer when they really aren't. This format makes lecturing sound less like lecturing (lol).

This morning I Tweeted:

gel electrophoresis? @RoswellPark Dr. Fenstermaker Explains [VIDEO]

Love this kind of question where an ACTION (visiting the link) provides the answer especially when the answer can be attained by watching a video. I also like being VERY clear about visual support so put [VIDEO} in all caps and off by itself. Do the same treatment with Infographics, Study and Report.

Questions are great ways to encourage engagement and feedback too. I ask TWITTER questions about vendors, software and ideas all the time. By "asking Twitter" I mean that I pose the question with a hashtag and see who responds.

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
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