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My 5 Best Social Media Tips For Teachers - Edudemic

My 5 Best Social Media Tips For Teachers - Edudemic | AtDotCom Social media |

Tip #1: Stay connected to your Personal Learning Network (PLN) even though school is back in session. Just because you’re insanely busy now doesn’t mean you should forget about your friends and colleagues on social media. Make sure to keep up with hashtag chats and all the other connections you’ve made recently.

Tip #2: Set aside time to use social media for personal use. Every second doesn’t need to be a learning experience. I’ve found that it’s actually quite useful to have a personal and professional account on some networks (Twitter, for example). If that’s not possible, be sure to at least have non-professional tweets and chats. That goes for most social networks aside from LinkedIn which is typically professional-leaning.

Tip #3: Get your colleagues on board and see if you can accomplish new projects using social media. Now that you’re back in school, see what colleagues did in terms of social media. Then connect with them and see if there are some relatively simple projects they can accomplish using social media.

Tip #4: Try out a new social network this year.There are a ton of new ones! You don’t have to replace Twitter or anything with them … just try some out. You never know what you’ll find.

Tip #5: Try to become an expert-level user of a particular social network. If you’re really into Facebook, join a FB group. If you love LinkedIn, start your own group! If Twitter is your game, see if you can host a hashtag chat or even start your own sometime!

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Why Businesses Need to Pay Attention to the Digital Divide

Why Businesses Need to Pay Attention to the Digital Divide | AtDotCom Social media |
What Digital Divide? Almost all individuals, companies and sectors in the US have access to digital technologies. But some have far more tha

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I selected this article from Curatti written by Michael Brenner because he shows how companies have only tapped into a small portion of the latest innovations.


Many businesses are falling behind when it comes to keeping up with new technology.


Digital Divide Has Created an Economy of "Haves" and "Have Mores"


The United States is at the top when it comes to technological innovations. I agree that businesses need to fully tap into this realm in order to stay competitive.


Brenner shows statistics that prove only 18 percent of the economy is utilizing digital methods. This is due to new and emerging trends.


Here's what caught my attention:


  • The digital gap has produced a boost for companies who are more advanced. Sectors lagging behind are suffering with lower productivity and performance.


  • Most companies have a large technology budget. But it is the usage that determines whether they stay relevant.


  • Not all businesses that are leaders in the digital age began that way. Many firms struggle to keep up with digitization and product delivery.


Selected by Jan Gordon for Curatti covering Curation, Social Business and Beyond


Image: Courtesy of Cardwell Beach.


Read full article here:


Stay informed on trends, insights, what's happening in the digital world become a Curatti Insider today

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How to Plan a Pinterest & Instagram Visual Marketing Strategy

How to Plan a Pinterest & Instagram Visual Marketing Strategy | AtDotCom Social media |
“Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.” That quote is so good that it’s often misattributed to Sun Tzu, military philosopher and writer of The Art of War.
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How To Create Killer Calls To Action On Social Media

How To Create Killer Calls To Action On Social Media | AtDotCom Social media |
Remember when calls-to-action on social media used to be so incredibly spammy that they turned buyers off everywhere?
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8 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Video #Marketing 

8 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Video #Marketing  | AtDotCom Social media |

Video marketing is now easy. Technology has made automated video creation possible. The usage of video on the web offers advantages. Find out how!

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Given that you probably already own a hand held device capable of recording short videos, it is probably time that you start to use video, as a key component of your online marketing efforts. Video is now assuming greater importance in the struggle to get your message out to jaded customers, and you ignore their preferences for video over other marketing medium, at your peril. This article provides 8 good reasons why you should embrace video marketing and they are all compelling.

rodrick rajive lal's curator insight, August 22, 6:06 AM
Research has shown how video and vlogging is fast overtaking other forms of marketing.
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Quick Web Writing Lesson - Curagami

Quick Web Writing Lesson - Curagami | AtDotCom Social media |

Web Copy
Writing web copy that wins hearts and minds is easier and harder than you think. Easier because tiny changes make huge differences in customer engagement and your website's ability to convert. Harder because learning to slow down and think about things like empathy, using OPW (Other People's Words) and the right way to use acronyms takes practice, discipline and courage. 

Here are the tips we share on Curagami:

  • Use OPW (Other People’s Words) – Trusted sources or industry gurus make excellent sources
  • Use Customer Words – Customers know you listen when they see features of User Generated Content (UGC)
  • Touch the Universal – R&D is hard, takes time and money is a “universal truth.”
  • Cliches – Cliches are another “truth” you can turn in your favor
  • Empathy Words – Use words that create a sense of empathy between YOU and whoever is reading your copy words such as “collaborate,” “teamed with” and “love.”
  • Acronyms – Acronyms can convey industry knowledge, but be sure to explain fully the first time you use an acronym


Find more here 

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5 Reasons Why Instagram Will Kill Snapchat

5 Reasons Why Instagram Will Kill Snapchat | AtDotCom Social media |
Instagram dropped the bomb with its new version of Stories, and I heard the bell toll way in the distance for Snapchat.

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