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The Power of Pure Emotion Drives People to Action

The Power of Pure Emotion Drives People to Action | AtDotCom Social media |

This article is by Mars Dorian for businessgrow this piece is based on John Kearon's talk at a conference about the power of emotion and why you need to make people feel something to get them to do something.

Jan Gordon: My commentary

Know your audience and speak to their listening

This was mentioned in this article by the author who paraphrased

what John Kearon said:

”We are feeling creatures. Content matters so much LESS than you think it does. Do something shocking or exhilarating in your marketing, but don’t be bland. If people feel nothing, they do nothing

Do the best companies make you think or feel? The author suggests feeling is what makes things happen".

Jan Gordon: 

Content in any form is an important part of marketing. It's the door opener, the bridge that can lead to comments, relationships, brand advocacy, transactions and other opportunities that might not have otherwise happened. Using emotion that strikes a chord with your audience is very important.

This was a response from Mars Dorian to one of the comments and I absolutely agree with him: (again, know your audience, this might not apply to everyone).

"haha, I think the limits of pushing that emotional zone haven't been pushed yet - because companies as well as solopreneurs tend to hold back on the edgy, but effective stuff".

Here are some highlights that I think apply to content curators/arketers particularly

"PURE emotion is the sole buying decision influencer — because it’s targeting your oldest and most powerful part of the brain – the fight-or-flight REPTILIAN BRAIN".

Here are a few suggestions that caught my attention particularly for content marketers/curators:

Concentrate on the feeling benefit of your products and services

**show pictures, words and/or videos of how people feel after they bought your product or services - What state do you want them to feel?

Write Visual:

**The easier it is to grab your sentences, the more your audience can picture it. If they can "picture" it, they can feel it.

Selected by Jan Gordon covering "Curation, Social Business and Beyond"

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Thanks John for sharing this!
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You're welcome Jan. Is another great post! Have a great day.
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Daniel Gonzales's curator insight, Today, 1:27 PM
Click heading or image, great article, some awesome resources available. Great page to bookmark!
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Thank you @BSN @Marco Favero @Letitia Owens @David Stapleton @Jean-Baptiste Rouillac @John van den Brink & @Daniel Gonzales :-)
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The Dark Side of Storytelling & Ethical Steps To Take

The Dark Side of Storytelling & Ethical Steps To Take | AtDotCom Social media |
A powerful, emotion-drenched story is at the heart of every con job.

Via Karen Dietz
Karen Dietz's curator insight, October 18, 3:51 PM

OK -- we are mired in a Presidential election where hate mongering is the norm. It's a battle for your brain using amygdala hijacks and dark stories. What's a person to do?


Here Jonathan Gottschall, author of The Storytelling Animal: How Stories Make Us Human, talks more about this using the company Theranos as an example, not the election. But the principles are the same:

  1. When engaging in business storytelling, individuals and companies also need to have great defenses against cheats and manipulators who distort stories.
  2. Build a bedrock of ethical storytelling. You can "deploy story—as con artists do—as a weapon of psychological and emotional manipulation" -- or not. Choose not. Download your free storytelling ethics guide here
  3. I'll add: don't get caught up in the dark side of the hero's story (I'm the savior, I'm the lone hero, if you are not with me you are against me, I can do whatever I want because I have the power, etc.)


And if you want to know communication strategies for polarized groups (useful after the election), check out this HBR article.


Recognize that authenticity and truth-telling is a better form of business and story on in ways that enliven and uplift everyone.


This review was written by Karen Dietz for her curated content on business storytelling at Follow her on Twitter @kdietz

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