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Happy Thanksgiving
As intriguing as the "cold tell you" title is the real reason sharing web design and Internet marketing secrets like these is difficult is how automatic the thinking becomes after 15 years.

Since it is Thanksgiving I wanted to SLOW DOWN and share 5 "inside baseball" secrets about how to create a new kind of real estate design for my realtor Stephanie Lane.

*Five Inside Baseball Website Design Secrets*
1. Use Wordpress Themes.
2. Solve the Umbrella Brand Problem.

3. Tease The Click Don't Drown it.
4. Test Video marketing.

5. Align nonverbals.

6. People and stories sell not cool tech.

Hope these ideas share the "inside baseball" reasons we start with a certain design to achieve objectives. Every idea BEFORE people are visiting a website is worth LESS the moment real people are clicking, so you want that day to happen as soon as possible.


Happy Thanksgiving! 

Via Martin (Marty) Smith