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We are the stories we are told. Each of us alone and all of us together are the living embodiment of all the stories we have heard and all the stories we have told each other. Narrative shapes our behaviors, our thoughts, our actions.


The original title of this article is "The Universal Language of Story." But there's no new there. The article is OK but missed the point of the video referenced in the post, I think.


What IS news about the article is the 20-min. TED video. In the video, Jane McGonigal shares her passion for how gaming and storytelling together can make a better world.


The extent of my electronic gaming consists of Solitaire, Majong, or Sudoko on my phone or iPod. But after watching this video, I'm inspired to take the leap into online gaming.


What Jane does in this video is share how storied games train us in ways that allow us to pull together for the social good. Now that's amazing and a fabulous twist on how and why linking gaming and storytelling into our business practices could lead to amazing results.


Then make sure you watch the video on "Beyond the 'Like' Button: Digitally Addictive Storytelling and the Brain" in the next post here in this collection. The 2 go hand-in-hand and will really open your eyes.


So watch the video, get your creative thinking cap on, and game on!

Via Karen Dietz