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This piece is from socialmediatoday, I selected it because there are some very interesting insights and questions about the future of google+ and their ability to build and maintain a strong social network and community.


Here are some highlights:


**Social networks are fundamentally different from communities


**the two models are commonly interechanged and the fact that they are two very different models is often lost or overlooked


**a community can form within a social network & visa versa it's very difficult for a social network to force or facilitate community and for a community to force or facilitate a social network


**Social networks are interested in community as community tends to generate significant amounts of content


**As the age old adage goes, ‘content is king


**The reason content is king is because when combined with demographic and behavioral information it provides unmatched opportunities for targeting based on a users digital body language.


**Social network and community operators are essentially the brokers between advertisers and consumers.


**It is at the point these two parties meet that revenue opportunities exist


**‘networked community’ for want of a better term is unchartered waters


**it does provide a myriad of new opportunities and benefits to Google.


**Combine these with Google’s other well-adopted product lines such as Search, Gmail not forgetting the YouTube community and the possibilities begin to multiply.


Curated by Jan Gordon covering "Google+ Watch"


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