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How to Get Better Results From Your Content via @Ivo_64

How to Get Better Results From Your Content via @Ivo_64 | AtDotCom Social media |
The phrase “great content” frustrates the spit out of day-to-day business owners. I tell my clients that my definition of great content is similar to the Supreme Court’s definition of pornography - “I know it when I see it.” But we both know that this definition isn’t good enough.

Via Peg Corwin, Ivo Nový
Peg Corwin's curator insight, January 21, 2015 9:21 AM

Learn the metrics for each step of creating and evaluating great content.

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Google Analytics Not Provided Driving You Nuts? Here Is How To Model Around It - via Martin (Marty) Smith

Google Analytics Not Provided Driving You Nuts? Here Is How To Model Around It - via Martin (Marty) Smith | AtDotCom Social media |

Easy to model your Not Provided (or branded) keyword revenue down to where it belongs - the keywords that deserve it if Google was playing fair :). 

 1. Remaining - Subtract the rest of your keyword revenue from your massive Not Provided total. 

2. % Remaining - Divide your "Remaining" or non Not Provided keys into the Remaining total. This gives you the % for each non Not Provided key of the total revenue associated with non Not Provided keys. 

3. Allocate - Now multiple your Not Provided total by your % Remaining. 

4. Finally ADD your new Allocations by non Not Provided keys to their Google reported income (A + C). 

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
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Klout Bought By Lithium Tech & Why Klout Matters - The Next Web

Klout Bought By Lithium Tech & Why Klout Matters - The Next Web | AtDotCom Social media |
Klout is reportedly being acquired by the social marketing company Lithium Technologies. Sources tell Re/code that the deal is in the “low nine figures” for the company that help tells users how influential they are.

Via Rami Kantari, massimo facchinetti, malek, Martin (Marty) Smith
Martin (Marty) Smith's curator insight, February 12, 2014 10:12 AM

Why Klout Matters
Interesting development. Klout is the great undervalued asset of the social marketing revolution. Problem with Klout is no one trusts it. When I tried to explain why trust is MOOT to my previous employers they didn't get it. 

Trust is moot because in the absence of anything else some metrics always beat no metrics. My previous employer was arguing the "Where's the ROI" argument when the content marketing we created raised their Klout score 292%.

As an Internet marketer debate over whether 2 + 2 = 4 is moot because so what (lol). If something tells me WHY 2 + 2 = 4 or how I can get the social shares and viral lift I need from it then we can make money.

The other point I made is when something goes up 292% ASSUME there was ROI benefit. THAT is the correct debate to have - the attribution debate. I could argue 50% of new business was influenced by our content marketing and they would argue something less.

But at least we would be having the right argument in the right way (lol). M  

Rescooped by John van den Brink from Curation, Social Business and Beyond!

Personal Branding With Social Media [Infographic]

Personal Branding With Social Media [Infographic] | AtDotCom Social media |

Personal Branding With Social Media Infographic via Chris Voss


Why having the right social media tools matter:


"Social media tools have the tremendous power to put you in contact with thousands of people in order to build your online brand you need to know all of the possibilities, as well as how all of your activities are working together.


It's important to be consistent so that each part of your social media network is contributing positively to the brand you are trying to build.


Selected by Jan Gordon covering "Content Curation, Social Busines and Beyond"


See full infographic here: []

Via janlgordon
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The 4 Stages of Reducing Page Bounce via @MarketingHits

The 4 Stages of Reducing Page Bounce via @MarketingHits | AtDotCom Social media |
Follow this 4 stage escalation process to help you analyze and reduce webpage bounce:

Via Peg Corwin, Brian Yanish -
Peg Corwin's curator insight, July 4, 2014 5:32 PM

See 4 questions to ask about your page to reduce your bounce rate.

Quote - If you can identify the type of bounce, you can better determine the amount of real money being left on the table.  A timely response can then save your company millions in revenue

Brian Yanish -'s curator insight, July 9, 2014 2:49 PM

Need help with your bounce rate, Clicktale is a great product I've used it for years. 

Rescooped by John van den Brink from BI Revolution!

10 BI Trends For 2014 & 2015 via @TDWI [5 from @CrowdFunde)

10 BI Trends For 2014 & 2015 via @TDWI [5 from @CrowdFunde) | AtDotCom Social media |

Marty Note - 10 BI Trends
Business Intelligence is breaking out all over. It is as if we've reached some magic tipping point where things that were hard are not easier and our BI imagination is being sparked as a result. Here are 10 BI trends for this year and next (6 - 20 are from team at )

* Enterprise gets a handle on unstructured "Big Data".

* Search Will Improve Dramatically (agree).
* Mobility becomes bi-directional (you GET and GIVE via mobile).

* Enterprises come to terms with Big Data.

* Analytics Tools Vendors see importance of FAST and EASY.

CrowdFunde's Additions

* New Key Performance Indicators helps connect traffic and lead gen to conversion (what we are working on at ).

* How Social Media is changing everything become more clear (less search, more mobile and social).

* Expect a new flurry of crowdsoure apps.
* Expect more gamification for engagement and loyalty.
* Loyalty becomes LESS fickle as brands discover how to BE online creating community that wins hearts, minds, engagement and loyalty.

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
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Advanced Lessons In Black Swans & Web Analytics

Advanced Lessons In Black Swans & Web Analytics | AtDotCom Social media |

When Everything Is Equally Meaningless Anything Works Equally Well
Had a great conversation on GPlus today about the nature of web analytics. Here is the controversial point I made -

All web metrics are equally meaningless SO anything works. 

If you haven't read Taleb's Black Swan you should. Nicholas Taleb is a brilliant QUANT who is fascinated by the strange predictably irrational ways of man. Taleb is a QUANT used by hedge fund types to see into the float and make more money than you and I can imagine together (lol). 

Taleb looked HARD at what he does (or did) for a living and asked a hard question we should all ask - IS THERE ANY THERE THERE? 

His conclusion was meaning and patterns exist BUT not nearly as much as we think. The world spins and turns whether we understand it or not. Keep that realization in mind because we are about to go down the rabbit hole. 

Web Metrics Are Stupid
The rest of that sentence is "Web metrics are stupid, but they are the best stupid we have so we love them". The Rolling Stones are LOUD and Jagger is the devil as I write this and that feel appropriate. 

Web metrics are stupid and meaningless because of how poorly we understand online attribution, who does what and what that DOING really means. Attribuiton is goofystupid.

Sure if we had hedge fund resources we could hire QUANTS and momentarily touch the face of God but to what end?  The web is a sand castle on a beach where the tide is always coming in. 

The web works on a simple often overlooked idea - the law of large numbers and tiny differences coming at ever increasingly FASTER exponential increments. Google becomes Google by multiplication of tiny advantages across a LARGE number of people over TIME to become CASTLE GOOGLE. 

Because Google is LARGE and IN CHARGE doesn't change the nature of the game Taleb would explain. When white swans are all you see then you may be "sure" black swans don't AND CAN'T exist.

The nature of the game is the math of content networks described in the book LINKED: Why Everything Is Linked To Everything Else form Rules of Internet Marketing Chess. 

Be sure to read BURSTS by the same author (Barabasi) too. Then read Black Swan by Taleb. If Linked explains the RICH GET RICHER content network truth Google mined BURSTS explains how we are not as unique as we think. Our patterns are knowable, predictable in an Asmovian psycho-history kind of half creepy way. 

This is NOT to say Internet marketing is non-axiomatic, just a random chaotic ramble at all times. Nope, Internet marketing is a non-random wander masquerading as fledgling democracy. 

Post Google's BIG CHANGE the new boss is much the same as the old and RICH are getting RICHER. Two axiomatic truths all Internet marketer learn (eventually)?

* The only time that matters is NOW. 
* Patterns you think you see don't really exist and that's okay. 

That last bullet is the truly ADVANCED idea. When all data is EQUALLY meaningless any data will do. If you are sitting across the table from an Internet marketer who insists on their view they are an idiot. 

Any "my view" of things is an expense no true IMer can afford. Maybe there should be a third bullet:

* When in doubt return to the first bullet. 

:). M  

Via Martin (Marty) Smith
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