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This piece is from Fastcompany it's from The World Vision Activism Network. (October 2012) I selected it because there are some great takeaways whether you have a community or are starting one from scratch.


When you build a brand, one of the most important measures of success is the actual engagement and connection of your loyal customers, followers, supporters, partners, fans and friends--your community.

The digital age and 24/7 connectivity, social platforms are forcing companies to find new and compelling ways to keep up with daily communication and connection with the people who matter the most

Here are a few highlights:

Create a long-term relationship

**You must understand your audience's interessts

**Use the most popular form of communication

**You have to be available and ready to interact to keep them actively engaged.

. Listen to people

**Pay attention to where and how your key people want to communicate, what they want to talk about and what they actualy do.

**Build the community they demand - use posters, art, videos and whatever connects with your audience on a digital platform that is eaily accessed & shred through a space where your audience is already spending time

Create it & Continually Influence Your Audience

**You must be an active participant on a regular basis


**By continually sharing, creating, leading and converse with the people you want to influence to establish a long-lasting relationship.

**By staying actively engaged, you will become easy to relate to and your audience will learn more about you, creating a closer relationship

Selected by Jan Gordon covering, "Curation, Social Business & Beyond"

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