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Rescooped by John van den Brink from Just Story It! Biz Storytelling!

7 Tenets of Biz Storytelling Thinking via @kdietz

7 Tenets of Biz Storytelling Thinking via @kdietz | AtDotCom Social media |
Michael Michalko explains that everyone is an artist and that it takes belief and persistence to nurture this quality. He offers seven principles about creative thinking that he wishes he'd known as a student.

Via Karen Dietz
Karen Dietz's curator insight, July 20, 11:56 AM

OK -- this article never mentions the word storytelling, yet every single tenent listed -- and their definitions -- applies to storytelling. The post focuses on creativity, and storytelling is a creative act.

Here's how they translate into storytelling:

  1. You are a storyteller
  2. Storytelling is work -- it takes effort
  3. You must go through the motions
  4. Your brain is not a computer
  5. There is no right answer
  6. There is no such thing as failure
  7. You don't see things as They are -- you see them as You are

Go read the article by Michael Michalko to get the definitions for each principle. Then stoke those creativity and storytelling fires the rest of the week.

This review was written by Karen Dietz for her business storytelling curation at 

Rescooped by John van den Brink from Surviving Social Chaos!

Infographic: 29 Ways To Be Creative

Infographic: 29 Ways To Be Creative | AtDotCom Social media |

Creativity is defined as the ability to create, but sometimes, we seem to lose that ability all of a sudden. 

Luckily, Jordan-based art director Islam Abudaoud has created a useful infographic that teaches us ways to stay creative. 

Titled ‘29 Ways To Stay Creative’, the infographic illustrates the “creative process and methods to keep a person moving forward and motivated to keep doing more”. 

For more information, check out the infographic at

Via Lauren Moss, Jim Lerman, donhornsby
Jacqui Hogan's curator insight, March 14, 2013 10:26 AM

EVERYone can be creative. 

Robin Martin's curator insight, April 28, 2013 8:22 PM

Love this inforgraphic! Very "creative!!"

Julien CHARLES's comment, May 16, 2013 7:40 AM
Really interesting and inspiring - Thx a lot.
Rescooped by John van den Brink from PEOPLE BUILDING!

how to be creative

how to be creative | AtDotCom Social media |

So you want to be more crea­tive, in art, in busi­ness, wha­te­ver. Here are some tips that have wor­ked for me over the years:


1. Ignore every­body.

The more ori­gi­nal your idea is, the less good advice other peo­ple will be able to give you. When I first star­ted with the biz card for­mat, peo­ple thought I was nuts. Why wasn’t I trying to do something more easy for mar­kets to digest i.e. cutey-pie gree­ting cards or wha­te­ver?


Read more:

Via Martin Gysler
No comment yet.
Rescooped by John van den Brink from Just Story It! Biz Storytelling!

13 Easy-to-Use Tools for Creating Killer Visual Stories via @kdietz

13 Easy-to-Use Tools for Creating Killer Visual Stories via @kdietz | AtDotCom Social media |

Creating your own images is also an excellent tactic for re-purposing text-only content into enticing images. Here are some examples: Turn quotes into an interesting slideshow, post an event announcement on a pretty picture, place stats onto eye-catching graphs, give a blog post title some pizzaz, create an infographic about the history of your biz, create a catchy, custom featured image for a video, etc. The possibilities are endless.

To help you create images that get BuzzFeed-worthy engagement, here are 13 of our favorite and easy-to-use visual content creation tools....

Via Jeff Domansky, Karen Dietz
ffeog's curator insight, March 13, 4:38 AM

A picture speaks a thousand words - some good resources here for visual content and creation to add a visual dimension to your messages, which tend to perform much better for opens and clicks than text alone.

Carlene Kelsey's curator insight, March 25, 10:22 AM

Content is shared in many forms.  These tools make it pretty easy to get creative.

Michelle Gilstrap's curator insight, March 25, 3:14 PM
Good article to help anyone wanting to create better content.
Rescooped by John van den Brink from SOCIAL MEDIA, what we think about!!

Twitter Background Design How-To and Best Practices

Twitter Background Design How-To and Best Practices | AtDotCom Social media |
Check out this overview of best practices to stand out from the crowd with your Twitter theme and follow the tutorial to create your own profile from scratch.


With Twitter quickly becoming the hottest site to be seen on, everyone wants to stand out from the crowd. There has already been a range of quality designs showcased on various sites, which has shown an emergence of trends such as the ‘sidebar’. Let’s take a look at some of the best practices around Twitter background design and get to work creating our own.


We all recognise the default blue Twitter background right? It’s not a bad design, it’s clean and trendy but it doesn’t stand out when the majority of Twitter users also have the same look. Furthermore, if you’re keen to achieve more followers, removing this background would probably help out by showing that you’re an active user, or if you’re tweeting on behalf of your company or service, it helps prove that you’re not a spammer.


Generally speaking, there are three main approaches when it comes to creating your Twitter background (other than a boring solid colour!):


Read more:

Via Martin Gysler
John van den Brink's comment, May 17, 2012 1:11 PM
Thank you Martin.
Martin Gysler's comment, May 17, 2012 3:22 PM
You're welcome John, I'm glad you like it!