List of Android Apps for people with autism | iAutism | Assistive Tech at SFSD |

"Gradually, apps for people with autism or other special needs for devices based on Google’s Android operating system are emerging. The list is short if you compare it with the list of applications for iPad / iPhone / iPod touch, but there are 128 available to date (June 17th)."


The list or table has the following columns:

> App category

> App logo

> App name

> Web: website with more information on the app provided by the developer or its distributor.

> Test: a link to the review of the application published in this blog, if it is already written, represented with the “TEST” logo.

> List of languages supported by the app. For AAC apps, languages of the voices included are taken in account.

> A short description of the app.


Via Kathleen McClaskey