Aspect 2 - College
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Aspect 2 - College
Was college worth it after graduation?
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Chelsia Poole

Interview Questions


Mr. Jim Shorkey

Owner of Jim Shorkey Family Auto Group



1. How involved are you with the decision making with hiring new employees?

Was at one time but not anymore…


2. How important is a having college degree when making employment decisions?

Not very, I think that for a lot of what we do college degrees are not necessary. More conversational rather than prerequisite. Not very relevant to my decisions.


3. Tell me about your college experience. Where did you go? What did you go for? How has college changed you as a person?

Millers Ville state. Liberal arts economics.

College changed me as a person for sure, met my wife there. Taught me how to think. What you learn in college as far the material it evaporates in a year or two. Its how to think and how to figure things out. Learning how to learn.


4. Did college help you get to where you are today? If so, how so?

To a degree, where I am at today is all about thinking. How to think things out and how to figure things out.


5. Do you believe your college career was necessary? Why?

Yes, absolutely. Hard to say it was not because I did it. It was mandatory in my family to go to college, I didn’t know anything else. I think I would have done fine either way, but then I would not have met my wife.


6. What would you recommend to kids deciding whether or not to go to college?

Very important for kids to figure out what they want to do. I’m very big into setting goals. If someone really has no idea what they want to do I would recommend going to work for a year and go from there; I don’t think someone that doesn’t know what they want to do should jump from high school to college. Until you KNOW what you want to do, don’t go to college. There is also training you can get similar to college. Like the dealer academy, which is like a graduate course.


7. How has college changed from when you were young?

College today… too many people think college is a prerequisite to life.  When people go to college then they think the world owes them something, they will only work certain jobs.. because they have a college degree. The value brought to the job is what matters. More college graduates need to work more on themselves than on a job.


8. Two of your kids went to college and two did not, what can you say about the two different paths?

Depends on the person, both paths can make great contributions to the world. Some people it is good for others it is not. Getting a college degree and not getting a college degree does not mean you are a “loser” or not.


9. What are the key points to becoming successful? What has really stood out to you?

Success is about figuring out the right strategy. No matter what there is always the right strategy. When you look at life there will be the best strategy and the close to the best strategy. So the challenge is what are the best strategies, and once you figure it out you keep doing it. It is about being persistent when you have found the right strategy. When things aren’t going right what am I missing? You have to be so persistent. If you study successful people… success leaves clues. What to successful people do and do that. What are the unsuccessful people doing and don’t do that. Believe in affirmations…. you need to program your brain. You cannot be defeated. You have to be willing to change. You have to put the information to work.


10. Though college may not provide the education needed, do you believe it is important to go to college for the experience? Why? Depends on the person. It is a great avenue, so yes, but you have to be very cautious. There are other ways. Really depends on the individual. 

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The 4 Most Common Student Loan Problems And How To Fix Them - Forbes

The 4 Most Common Student Loan Problems And How To Fix Them - Forbes | Aspect 2 - College |
Whether you have more or less than average, you should know that there are programs and opportunities to help you manage your student loan debt and become debt free.
Chelsia Poole's comment, March 8, 2013 8:13 AM
Many college graduates do not realize the debt that they were building while they attended college. They graduate just with a number, once they start to try to pay off their loans then most students realize what has happened. Graduates owe a massive amount of money and most of the time they do not even know where all their loans are coming from. Student loans can become a mess and become very stressful. Some don't believe they will ever pay off their debt.
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Work Trends | Heldrich Center

Chelsia Poole's comment, March 13, 2013 8:04 AM
Work studies have been completed to retrieve the real answer to the benefits of attending college. Out of a study, 50% of students said there first job out of college required a college degree. 43% of the group said that their first job out of college did not require a college degree. One may think it is obvious that you need a college degree, but 43% did not and they went to college. They spent four years dropping a load of money and now they have a job that they did not need to go to college for.
Chelsia Poole's comment, March 13, 2013 8:11 AM
When going to college, an important aspect is what one chooses to study. What one majors in can have a huge effect on what happens once the student graduates. So why are students choosing the majors they chose? 39% of students choose a major based on job opportunities in the field. 15% say they picked what they wanted to study based on the "ability to balance work and family" and 15% simply said just to be ready for graduate and professional education. 8% claimed they chose a major based on the average salary of the study and 3% said the starting salary. Shockingly, it is shown that 25% of college students chose their major based on nothing.
Chelsia Poole's comment, March 13, 2013 8:14 AM
After graduation, several students realize that the major they have completed wasn't quite the right field for them, or that their major wasn't good enough and there are no jobs in the field. 41% of graduates who said they would have changed their majors claimed they would have studied a professional major. For example, communications, education, nursing, and social work are all majors that they would have changed to.
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Is college necessary? | USA TODAY College

Is college necessary? | USA TODAY College | Aspect 2 - College |
By Charlie Szold Summer … it's beautiful out. Sitting on your front porch, sipping a (virgin) pina colada, you think to yourself, Do I ever really
Chelsia Poole's comment, March 10, 2013 3:20 PM
Most people view college as a necessity to be successful. Though, several very successful people have not attended college. For example, one of the most famous college graduates known is Bill Gates. He may have just been another drop out at the time, but in his future he would become the richest man in the world at one point in his life. Another example of a future success story after dropping out is Steve Jobs, the inventor of Apple. Other famous people that have been through the same scenario are Halle Berry, Henry Ford, and Steven Spielberg.
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Center on Education and the Workforce -

Center on Education and the Workforce - | Aspect 2 - College |
Unemployment figures show the jobless rate for recent college graduates with Bachelor’s Degrees has been running at an unacceptable 8.9 percent.
Chelsia Poole's comment, March 10, 2013 3:26 PM
After college graduation, thousands and thousands of students are on the search for a job. Sadly, unemployment rates have been increasing recently over the years. Recent college graduates have a much higher unemployment rate than experienced graduate degree holders. Each year the unemployment rates for newly graduates students.
Chelsia Poole's comment, March 10, 2013 4:41 PM
Research shows that having a college degree is becoming less and less important. Years ago, holding a college degree meant so much more than what it does today, it used to be much more valuable. With this economy, the more time that passes the less valuable a college degree becomes. The unemployment rates increase as time goes on.
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Topics - KEC's English Journal Blogs

Chelsia Poole's comment, March 11, 2013 12:09 PM
The question is; was it worth it after college? So was college worth going to? Many would argue the education aspect, but some students claim the life experience. At college students are on their own and experience a whole new life style than high school. Many people find they like being independent and on their own.
Chelsia Poole's comment, March 11, 2013 8:11 PM
Reports show that students also the the atmosphere and the opportunity to make many new friends. Several freshman students also found that they like their living quarters and they are enjoying college.
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Tami Yaklich's comment, March 20, 2013 8:20 PM
I am looking forward to the results that you will provide in your presentation!
Tami Yaklich's comment, March 20, 2013 8:21 PM
And I didn't realize the way you originally emailed this that I COULD see both Aspect 2 and 3 pages. Not everyone sent theirs to me that way. Sorry to stress you out!
Tami Yaklich's comment, March 20, 2013 8:21 PM
Good job - 30/30