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What Is 'ASCII Text Art'? How Do I Make ASCII Art?

What Is 'ASCII Text Art'? How Do I Make ASCII Art? | ASCII Art |
You've seen these bizarre images made of text characters. Most of them are inane and amateurish, but some ASII art is absolutely stunning and complex. What exactly is this bizarre art form? And how do people make ASCII art?


Creating and displaying ASCII text art is not difficult. With a few minutes of practice and experimentation, and using CTRL-C / CTRL-V to copy-paste, you should be a beginning ASCII artist within 30 minuntes!

Laura Brown's insight:

If you figure out how to use the software you can still not be an ASCII artist. Running a machine does not make you an artist. Sorry Paul, text shading done by a computer program isn't enough.

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Text art pictures created with basic keyboard characters in fixed width fonts.
Curated by Laura Brown