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Scooped by Laura Brown
onto ASCII Art!

2500+ ASCII Art Pictures needed | Data Mining | Graphic Design

2500+ ASCII Art Pictures needed | Data Mining | Graphic Design | ASCII Art |

Project Description:
I need 2500 or more ASCII Art Pictures. I know many are available as Public Domain in the Web. If you don't do them yourself then you must give proof with each ASCII Art that it is free public domain and state the source.


I prefer ASCII Art in font Helvetica or Helvetica Neue but for a start I take them in any font. I want you to deliver the Art in categories and subcategories so that I do not need to sort them myself. In your job application please repeat briefly the requirements so that I know you got what is needed and I am sure you read the full requirement.Skills required:
Data Mining, Graphic Design

Laura Brown's insight:

Helvetica is NOT an ASCII art font. If ASCII art weren't so easy to rip off it probably wouldn't be getting some popularity again. 

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Text art pictures created with basic keyboard characters in fixed width fonts.
Curated by Laura Brown