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News from Zentangle - "Verdigogh"

News from Zentangle - "Verdigogh" | Artistic Line Designs-all free |

This tangle is simple and repetitive. In verdigogh, Maria uses only one pattern over and over, or more accurately, below and below. As with many tangles, when a tangle appears to overlap it's always drawn beneath what's already drawn.

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Scooped by treasured patterns!

Throne Room - tangle pattern

Throne Room - tangle pattern | Artistic Line Designs-all free |
The third of four tangle patterns based on items of Islamic art in the British Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum. This one is based on glazed tile decoration in the throne room of Nebuchadnez...
treasured patterns's comment, March 4, 2013 8:09 AM
There are at least 100 patterns on this blog......I saved them to my hard drive for later..... go check it out!