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So how do you get a patent? | Australia

So how do you get a patent? | Australia | Artdictive Habits : Sustainable Lifestyle |
This skateboard entrepreneur has learnt that protecting his deck is gnarly business.
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The three kinds of registrable


- IP most sought by small to medium enterprises are designs, patents and trademarks.

 - Annual fees apply to keep the protections in force.

- Copyright protects the expression of your idea in original works and cannot be registered.

- The process starts with preparation of a patent specification, which describes the invention, followed by a complete application within 12 months and a patent officer examination, says Brendan Nugent, director of Astute IP.


- Applying for a trademark is a two-part process, explains Ursula Hogben, chief operating officer and legal practice director at LegalVision Australia. It starts with an application.

- “IP Australia charge an initial fee of $120 and you'll also need to pay for your trademark attorney or lawyer's fees, which are generally from $300 to $1000, and you will then need to pay a registration fee of $300 in seven-and-a-half months, when the trademark is registered.”


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Blog Law - Is Your Giveaway Legal?

Blog Law - Is Your Giveaway Legal? | Artdictive Habits : Sustainable Lifestyle |
As giveaways become more common among bloggers, it is important to be compliant with the laws regarding such giveaways. Not only does it make you more professional, but it limits your potential liability.
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