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Les collages grotesques de Colin Raff, artiste visuel et écrivain, installé à Berlin.

Interview de l'auteur en anglais sur le blog Elvis in Hawaii

Un extrait:
"[...]Image manipulation. I begin by selecting elements as for a collage, but today’s exciting appliances further allow one to scale, skew, fondle and otherwise perturb the source material so that the result is alien to the ingredients.

I should mention that I am actually a writer (by trade, temperament, and grander intent), and view this visual work simply as ornament, subordinate to the text. When a piece of mine is purely graphic, I see it as assuming the condition of text, and when it operates completely outside of narrative, then to me it has adopted a complementary role by performing some extra-literary function. These relations are always present, if not apparent. Anyway, synthesizing an original image out of found sources is not unlike composing a sentence out of extant words.[...]"

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