Inner-city residents say presidential campaigns ignoring scourge of gun violence | Arrival Cities |

"In a tough Philadelphia neighborhood where an off-duty police officer was shot to death last month, a mother is afraid to walk to the corner store with her two children. In a Chicago area where 23 people have been killed by gunfire so far this year, kids don’t want to go outside. In Harlem, a 26-year-old man worries his family will get hit by crossfire.


Residents of inner-city neighborhoods plagued by gun violence say they feel neglected and ignored even in a presidential election year marked by highly publicized shootings at a Colorado movie theater, a Sikh temple in Wisconsin and outside the Empire State Building — a year in which Republicans have launched a full-throated defense of gun ownership while Democrats have largely kept quiet about an issue they used to put front and center."


@StarveTheSystem asks,

Is it the guns...or is the state of our collective mental health? Poverty, stress, poor health, toxic mindstate (which starts with poor nutrition, air, and water), low literacy, lack of opportunity...what will we do? What can a presidential candidate say? What do we expect of elected officials? How do we as a community hold them accountable?... Let's have these conversations! 

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