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being an immigrant or living in a "slum" is a feature not a bug
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Cooperatives as Business Models of the Future

Cooperatives as Business Models of the Future | Arrival Cities |

Cooperatives as Business Models of the Future - When the International Year of Cooperatives (IYC) concluded last week, some of the overwhelming success stories highlighted at a two-day interactive session came both from developing and developed countries,...

Dame Pauline Green, president of the International Cooperative Alliance...

In Brazil, Green said, a clearly defined government policy aimed at helping rural people, through cooperative businesses, has seen a massive reduction in poverty in the rural areas of the sprawling South American nation.

In Kenya, cooperatives account for nearly half of the country’s gross domestic product (GDP), while in Rwanda the cooperative economy has gone from zero to eight percent of GDP over the last 10 years.

The world’s largest 300 cooperatives, primarily in the insurance and food and agriculture sectors, generated revenues of 1.6 trillion dollars and employed nearly 100 million people worldwide.


Asked if the cooperative model of enterprise may well be one of the answers to the global economic crisis, Green told IPS, “Without doubt the cooperative business model offers a proven solution to this global economic crisis we are mired in.”

In the UK, she said, schools have become one of the fastest-growing parts of the cooperative economy.

“Renewable energy cooperatives have been springing up all over the globe, and of course media is another area which benefits from the cooperative model because it ensures independent journalism remains viable,” she noted.


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NPR Gets Big Bucks To Form Race, Ethnicity Coverage Team

NPR Gets Big Bucks To Form Race, Ethnicity Coverage Team | Arrival Cities |

LAS VEGAS -- National Public Radio, criticized in recent years for a lack of diversity of its staff and coverage, is using a $1.5 million grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting to put together a six-person team to report stories on race, ethnicity and culture.


The national radio program producer and digital news provider was accepting the two-year grant Thursday at UNITY 2012 Convention in Las Vegas, where hundreds of minority and gay and lesbian journalists gathered for the quadrennial convention assembled by UNITY Journalists Inc.


NPR said in a news release that it is using the money to "launch a major storytelling initiative focused on the racial, ethnic, ideological and generational issues that define an increasingly diverse America." The team will include two digital journalists, a correspondent, two reporters and an editor. The team will have a web site and blog within

Mariana Soffer's comment, August 3, 2012 6:09 AM
I use NPR a bit, it has a lot of interesting music and podcast I download them sometimes