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Bizarre "Biblical" and "Fantasy" Maps of the World, Circa 1580

Bizarre "Biblical" and "Fantasy" Maps of the World, Circa 1580 | Geography 400 Class Blog |
From the famous maps of cartographer Heinrich Bünting's Itinerarium Sacra Scripturae (Travels According to the Scriptures), come these fascinating mashup of religion, fantasy and map-making.

APR: This might be very literal, but in showing how humans reconcile their place in the world with "romantic geography" you get a feeling for the cultures that each map came from.

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London Names

Great map showing interactive view of Surnames (last names) in London, with origins and cultural background.


Via BoingBoing

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The True Size Of Africa

The True Size Of Africa | Geography 400 Class Blog |
Seeing the land masses of the world fairly neatly fit into the continent of Africa reminds me just how little that part of the world gets discussed in general.

I'd love to see a mashup of this map and "continents/countries by population."

Via Seth Dixon
Ricardo Salaya Monsell's comment, November 5, 2012 10:31 AM
Although I do not think they do to "trick", it is true that confuses many people and makes them believe in a world disproportionate. (Apologies for my terrible google-English)
Laurence Cuffe's curator insight, August 1, 2013 1:46 AM

While size is not every thing, and Ireland seems to have returned to the UK, This is an image worth discusing in Class.

Afrikasources's curator insight, January 15, 7:10 AM

Just a reminder