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Help us find / Aidez nous à trouver Maja Monic

Help us find / Aidez nous à trouver  Maja Monic | Archives  de la Shoah |
Mawyl's insight:

This is a long chain Annabela wrote from Argentina, one of her friend, Paula asked for help: her mother Irene now 77 is looking for her friend Maja Monic who might have moved to Canada at the end of the 40's or ealy 50's

My name is Paula Rinaldi and my mother is a Holocaust Survivor from the Warsaw Ghetto, her name is Irene Dab. She was born in 1935 and she survived thanks to her father and many non-Jewish families who took care of her during the war. She used to have a very close friend in Warsaw, Maja Monic who also survived the war and met together again in France in 1947, sharing 6th grade at school in Versailles. That was the last time they saw each other. At that moment Maja’s mother met a Canadian man who she got married with and were planning to go to Canada. My mother left France before them, so she doesn’t know exactly when did Maja finally go to Canada.

My mother is now 77 years old, lives in Argentina since 1948, has just published a book telling her story, and is trying to find Maja.

Do you think you can help us? Do you have any Maja Monic registered in Canada? Her mother’s name was Rozyczka (married in Poland to Monic), but we don’t know her single last name nor the second marriage’s. She must have entered Canada during 1948-1949-1950.

Here is a picture of Maja taken during 1947, Maja also kept one of my mother’s so they wouldn’t forget each other.

We will be very grateful if you can help us. Thanks a lot. Kind regards,

Paula Rinaldi

If you have any information please write to

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Library and Archives Canada Transfers Consular Files to Government of Lithuania - What's New - Library and Archives Canada

Library and Archives Canada Transfers Consular Files to Government of Lithuania - What's New - Library and Archives Canada | Archives  de la Shoah |
Library and Archives Canada Transfers Consular Files to Government of Lithuania
Ambassador of Lithuania to Canada to receive files covering period from 1924 to 1960

OTTAWA, June 1, 2011 – At the request of the Government of Lithuania, Library and Archives Canada (LAC) is today transferring 1400 original consular files of Lithuanian Canadians to the Lithuanian State Archives. This move is in accordance with LAC's initiative to collaborate with peer institutions in determining the most appropriate place for a collection to reside.
"It is the role of Library and Archives Canada to look at our holdings and carefully assess whether certain parts belong in Canada's national archives or whether they belong in another institution," stated Dr. Daniel J. Caron, Librarian and Archivist of Canada. "In this case, it was clear that these files belonged first and foremost to the government and people of Lithuania. However, by digitizing the files to keep in our holdings, we are also ensuring that Canadians continue to have access to what is an important part of our country's cultural history as well."
The consular files were part of a donation made to LAC in 1982 by Mr. Jonas Zmuidzinas, who served as the Consul General of Lithuania to Canada from the 1960s to the 1980s.
Discussions between LAC and the Embassy of Lithuania in Canada determined that since the consular files in question involved advice and services to Lithuanians living in Canada, they should be held by the Government of Lithuania. The files are being accepted by the Ambassador of Lithuania, Her Excellency Ginte Damusis, at the Embassy of Lithuania in Ottawa.
Digitized versions of the files, which cover the period from 1924 to 1960, will remain part of LAC's holdings for future consultations by Canadians, including researchers and Lithuanian Canadians interested in their history.

Library and Archives Canada
The mandate of Library and Archives Canada is to preserve the documentary heritage of Canada for the benefit of present and future generations, and to be a source of enduring knowledge accessible to all, contributing to the cultural, social and economic advancement of Canada. In addition, Library and Archives Canada facilitates cooperation among communities involved in the acquisition, preservation and diffusion of knowledge, and serves as the continuing memory of the government of Canada and its institutions.
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