Holding Pattern by Lauren O'Neil | architecture | Scoop.it

"Airports are known for rules and regulations, a reputation that applies to the runways as well. Almost all airport designs are governed by regulations established by the International Civil Aviation Organization to ensure pilots circling Toledo or Timbuktu remain properly oriented and deliver passengers and cargo safely. Lauren O’Neil turns those strictures into art, with the help of Google Earth. The Brooklyn-based designer has made a meticulous study of airport runways and logged the results on a Tumblr called Holding Pattern. These views reveal beautiful compositions at airports that are nothing special at ground level." - Wired.com


Have a look at Wired's article on this topic here: http://www.wired.com/2014/05/the-hidden-beauty-of-airport-runways-and-how-to-decipher-them/?mbid=social_twitter#slide-id-908051

Via Ignacio López Busón