Two Passive Solar Gain Houses in Porthtowan by Simon Conder Associates | Architecture and Architectural Jobs |

Two passive solar gain houses built into the side of a hill in the English coastal village of Porthtowan on the Cornish coast by Simon Conder Associates.

The new buildings, which are partly buried in the hill to avoid obstructing views from properties higher up the slope, have a reduced impact on the landscape. Both are built into the 1 in 7 slope of the hillside, so the houses are single storey on the road side and two storey on the seaward side.

The two adjacent sites face south and this orientation creates two passive solar gain houses to minimise both the use of fossil fuels and energy costs. This has been achieved partly by fully glazing the southern elevations of the two houses and partly by using highly insulated, high mass construction for the remainder of the two houses.

Via Lauren Moss