In this interview Patrik Schumacher defends Parametricism as the global style for the 21st Century, conceived in the great lineage of epochal styles like Renaissance, Baroque and Modernism. It is defined and argued for on the basis of its results rather than in terms of its adopted techniques. The renewed concept of style is defended as factor in the formation and promotion of the global movement of Parametricism. The task is posed of advancing Parametricism from avant-garde hegemony to mainstream hegemony. To achieve this Parametricism is grounded in a general theory of architecture  - the theory of architectural autopoiesis -  which in turn is grounded in a general theory of society, namely Niklas Luhmann’s social systems theory. This theory understands society as a system of communications. Accordingly all architectural design is communication design. Under the heading of ‘parametric semiology’ this conception can be operationalized via the integration of agent based crowd modeling into the design process.