How to Create the Perfect Pinterest Brand Page | Aquaponics~Aquaculture~Fish~Food |

Do you know how to create the perfect Pinterest brand page?

Before someone follows you on Pinterest the first thing they will do is to briefly observe your Pinterest brand page. They will glance at your bio, your profile image, your boards and various other components. If your Pinterest brand page is well set up, you will gather board followers or even better, complete page followers and all the time you spent pinning, optimizing your website for Pinterest and running time consuming campaigns will be worthwhile.

So today you will learn how to create the perfect Pinterest brand page, the requisite for Pinterest success. I will first run you through the registration steps and you can then view the infographic which contains the ingredients for a perfect Pinterest brand page. If you have already got a brand page and don’t require registering you can scroll down and skip right ahead to the infographic….

Via Jeff Domansky