Scottish Government - An Assessment of the Benefits to Scotland of Aquaculture | Aqua-tnet |

A New independent report shows the Scottish aquaculture industry ‘provides considerable benefits for fragile economic areas’  contributing up to £1.4 billion to Scottish economy.

"The report commissioned by Marine Scotland and the Highlands and Islands Enterprise has been published by Imani and SRSL. 

The economic benefits from the industry are wide ranging and are felt across Scotland including areas that are not traditionally associated with it such as the Central Belt.

The report estimates that if the 2020 industry production target of 223,000 tonnes is met it could have a turn-over value of £2 billion to the Scottish economy and support 10,000 jobs.

Other findings include:

Direct production alone contributed a turn-over of at least £550 million to the Scottish economy and 2,800 jobs in 2012Including added income across the country the industry is currently estimated to contribute a turn-over of £1.4 billion and 8,000 jobs in ScotlandSignificant improvements have been made to the environmental impact of the industry and compares well with other animal production industriesQuality and high value is Scottish aquaculture’s trump card"