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The AQUAGAMETE COST Action ( is pleased to announce the 2nd AQUAGAMETETraining School.
The2nd AQUAGAMETE Training School is aimed towards young researchers (PhD students, young post-docs and MSc students) as well as representatives from industry.


The course will be focused on Molecular basis of fish gamete quality integrating different aspects and covering topics such as:

- Transcriptomic analysis of gamete quality, including practical microarray analysis of gamete quality
- Gamete quality assessment including practical cytometry analysis and embryonic outcome

- Scientific conferences on genomics & toxicogenomics, epigenetics, overview of gamete quality issues in fish and shellfish

The 2nd AQUAGAMETE Training School will highlight the most recent developments in each topic, promoting a strong interaction between experienced trainers working on different aspects of Molecular basis of fish gamete quality and trainees.


The course will take place between 23rd – 27th June 2014 at the INRA Fish Physiology and Genomics laboratory (Rennes, France, ;) facilities and counts with the collaboration of IFREMER and University of Lorraine.


The number of participants will be restricted to 16 persons (priority will be given to students and early stage researchers with no experience in Genomics and with a professional project related to gamete quality). Financial support from the AQUAGAMETE COST Action (for travelling, meals, and accommodation, up to 800 euros) will be available for trainees.