AQUAEXCEL PROJECT: Short Training Courses | Aqua-tnet |

AQUAEXCEL organises 4 new pioneering technical Training Courses that focus on different aspects of aquaculture experimentation. These Training Courses are the only ones of their kind, putting emerging aquaculture infrastructure centres of excellence at the forefront.


This is a unique chance for researchers and technicians in this field as course attendance is free, thanks to EC FP7 funding. Participants are expected to pay their own travel, subsistence and accommodation.

Remaining courses are:

Course 2: Contribution of Genomic Approaches to the Development of Sustainable Aquaculture for Temperate and Mediterranean Fish

Course 3: The Application of Chromosome Set Manipulations and the Importance of Gamete Collection and Management in Aquaculture

Course 4: Efficient Utilisation of New Monitoring and Control Systems in Fish Experiments.