Innovations High School – The School of the Future | CoAprendizagens XXI |

The clearest evidence that education is in a time of transition is the fact that there is a new model or fad popularized in the media every week or two. I myself am guilty of this, having just recently written pieces about the New American Academy and Quest to Learn as education models that might have applicability not only in K-12 classrooms, but also in higher education. What these two efforts have in common is that they represent a break from the industrial education model of the past, they have a significant reliance on technology, and their curriculums are designed to teach children to be innovators. This week’s entry into the fray is Innovations High School in Salt Lake City Utah. Touted by reporter Robyn Bagley as "the first of its kind in the nation," is Innovations High really that innovative? And if it is, could it hold the key to unlocking the future of education?

Via Mark Smithers