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About my Brain official website, bringing together Neuroscience, business and the arts..."Neuroscience”, is a buzzword that has now become part of our daily vocabulary. Every day, news about the workings of our brains is being spread throughout the world.
With the emergence of measurement techniques such as neuro-imaging, scientists have recently been able to study the intricacies of our nervous system, addressing complex questions such as the way we function as humans, how we make decisions and how we interact with our environment.
One of the branches within the neuroscience field that is now attracting attention is “social cognitive neuroscience”, essentially an interdisciplinary field devoted to the understanding of how biological systems implement social processes and behaviour.
In practical terms, learning about neuroscience and how each of our brains work, can help us to understand our actions and how we react. By doing so, we can be more mindful, productive and ultimately we can maintain our health and develop great relationships.
Neuroscience, in itself is not a solution to problems, but it can certainly shed some light into how we can manage ourselves and others in every aspect of our lives."

Via Maggie Rouman