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Aprendizagem de Adultos
Melhores práticas para Aprendizagem COM Resultados !
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Project-Based Learning vs. Problem-Based Learning vs. X-BL

Project-Based Learning vs. Problem-Based Learning vs. X-BL | Aprendizagem de Adultos | Scoop.it
In the first of two parts, guest blogger John Larmer of the Buck Institute for Education clears up any confusion on the difference between project-based learning, problem-based learning, and whatever-else-based learning.


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Raquel Oliveira's insight:

Excelente comparativo de PBL's para serem analisados diante de cada desafio de resultados de aprendizagem. #avancee

Alfredo Corell's curator insight, September 28, 2014 8:34 AM

Problem-Based Learning vs. Project-Based Learning

Because they have the same acronym, we get a lot of questions about the similarities and differences between the two PBLs.

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For more resources on STEM Education visit http://bit.ly/1640Tbl

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PBLU.org | Making Projects Click for You and Your Students

PBLU.org | Making Projects Click for You and Your Students | Aprendizagem de Adultos | Scoop.it

PBLU – Project Based Learning University – Brought to you by the Buck Institute for Education. If you have asked yourself “How can I create a Project Based Learning course for my students check out this resource. PBLU (in beta) currently has nine project based projects you may choose to use in your classroom. The current projects are focused in ELA and math and range from third grade through high school. Projects include Back in the Day (high school, nonfiction writing), Choose Your Own Adventure (Grade 4, ELA/Social Studies, I Know What You’re Thinking (8th Grade, Math) and Schoolyard Habitat Project (Grades 3 – 5, Science). More projects will be added, and you may make suggestions.
They are also providing a PBL Teacher Series, quoting from the website:
These classes build your skills for implementing high-quality projects. You tailor the learning experience to your needs and interests. In each class, you build a foundation. That’s the "how to." Then you apply what you have learned in your own classroom by implementing the project during the capstone class. That’s the "now DO."
This process may lead to a PBL Teacher Certification.

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A must for all of us interested in PBL