Over the years, Dr. Mazur discovered that students in his introductory physics course were passing exams without having understood the fundamental concepts he was trying to teach. In response to this problem, Dr. Mazur developed a variety of interactive techniques linked to each other in ways that help his students learn basic concepts far better than before. He developed a strategy that incorporates "just-in-time" teaching with short lectures punctuated by conceptual questions posed to students, better known as Peer Instruction. The Peer Instruction method engages students through activities that require each learner to apply the concepts being presented. Students then explain those concepts to fellow learners, involving the entire group. Questions are asked, discussed and then displayed using classroom response technology. Peer Instruction provides continuous assessment and feedback, forcing students to learn from each other while in the classroom. You can forget facts, but you cannot forget understanding! Dr. Mazur's ultimate goal is not for students to memorize material for tests, but to create lifelong understanding.



Via Miloš Bajčetić