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Pteranodon Soars

Pteranodon Soars | Apps for Children with Special Needs |
Pteranodon Soars takes you on a journey to a time when giants ruled the skies, [...]
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"Pteranodon Soars takes you on a journey to a time when giants ruled the skies, educational, interactive and beautifully made, A4cwsn”

Pteranodon Soars, by Oceanhouse Media is part of the Smithsonian’s Prehistoric Pals series. If you have a dinosaur lover in your house, this is a must have app to your library. Kids love dinosaurs, parents love Smithsonian! This interactive book shows the Pteranodon as she soars high above the ocean, needing to feed her babies she swoops down and scoops up fish to carry back to them. As a dark shape appears below the surface readers will be on pins and needles to see if she can escape the grasp of the Mosasauri lying in wait. Designed specifically for users ages 3 through 8, this app has features which include:

*Parental controls that keep the child in the app

*Highlighted narration that encourages literacy skills

*Tap-able pictures and words that help learn new vocabulary

*Ability to record your own narration, which can also be shared with others

*Easy to use navigation that allows the user to select a favorite screen

This title has been carefully reviewed by paleontologists at the Smithsonian Institution and provides fascinating information on the prehistoric world.





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March of the Dinosaurs.

March of the Dinosaurs. | Apps for Children with Special Needs |
“A beautifully detailed prehistoric adventure, A4cwsn” March of the Dinosaurs is an interactive storybook that [...]
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March of the Dinosaurs is an interactive storybook that comes alive in your hands with highly realistic 3D dinosaurs that spin and zoom at the touch of your fingers.

Another offering from Touch Press (creators of The Elements and Solar System for iPad), March of the Dinosaurs takes the reader on a journey for survival, fraught with danger – blizzards, volcanic eruptions and deadly predators. Set in the Arctic 70 million years ago, Scar, a young Edmontosaurus, embarks on his first thousand-mile migration. It is a world of extremes: hot summers with 24-hour sunlight are replaced by freezing winters with continuous night.

Follow the story page by page, either reading at your own pace or with the text dynamically highlighted and spoken by Dr Who actor Kerry Shale. Use your iPad to meet the cast: 10 realistic 3D animated dinosaurs that can be rotated and zoomed, featuring scientific fact files about each of the creatures. High definition digital animation, specially produced by the team behind the National Geographic special “Escape of the Dinosaurs”, brings alive dramatic key moments in the story.

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