Language Learning Service Duolingo Launches Its First iPhone App | Apps and Widgets for any use, mostly for education and FREE |
The language learning service Duolingo currently has about 300,000 active users and continues to grow rapidly.


Unlike other services like Rosetta Stone, Duolingo is available for free and teaches vocabulary, reading, writing, and speaking. Users progress through a role-playing game-like skill tree and earn skill points for every lesson they complete.


The cool idea behind Duolingo, of course, is that it’s not just about learning a language but also about translating. As students work their way through lessons, they start translating websites and documents. The company’s plan is to start allowing companies and individuals to upload their documents and to start charging them for those translations. In addition, the project also aims to make much of the web available in languages other than English, which still accounts for 50% of what’s written on the web.


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