Jacksbot Java malware can take control of Windows, Mac, and Linux systems | Apple, Mac, MacOS, iOS4, iPad, iPhone and (in)security... | Scoop.it

Two weeks ago, Mac security software company Intego discovered malware which it classified as "a new Java backdoor trojan called Java/Jacksbot.A.” New threats are discovered all the time, but Intego later concluded that even though Jacksbot is a variant of the Java remote access tool (RAT) created by the jailbreaking group Redpois0n, it can target multiple platforms.


The malware writers behind JACKSBOT may just be testing the waters for a successful multiplatform malware; however for now they appear to be unwilling to invest the time and resources to develop the code more completely.


===> It’s likely that the authors will continue to improve the code to fully support infection for OS X and Linux. <===


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