Apple releases security fixes for iOS, OS X, Safari and Apple TV | Apple, Mac, MacOS, iOS4, iPad, iPhone and (in)security... |
One of the bugs fixed in iOS and Apple TV was first reported a year ago and fixed in OS X in May of this year.

Apple has released new versions of iOS, OS X, Safari and Apple TV, and disclosed the vulnerabilities fixed in those new versions. A total of 60 unique vulnerabilities are addressed in the products.

===> As is common with Apple, some of the vulnerabilities are quite old. <===

iOS 7.1.2 fixes 44 vulnerabilities in the previous version. These include two lock screen bugs and two which could allow bypass of Find My iPhone and Activation Lock, the new anti-theft measures. The new version also adds encryption of attachments in the Mail app, a problem first reported two months ago. The usual long list of WebKit bugs is fixed and the list of trusted root certificates was updated.

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