FLAMING RETORT: All this new Mac malware - whose fault is it? | Apple, Mac, MacOS, iOS4, iPad, iPhone and (in)security... | Scoop.it
Flaming Retort is back, this time trying to Coole and Explayne the flames we've had from some Mac users in the past few days.

In a back-to-front way of making Mac fans feel better, I'll start bymaking everyone feel slightly worse, taking a small potshot at Windows, OS X and Linux fans alike.


My point here is not to prove that it is somebody's fault, but simply to remind us that perennially finding someone else to blame for our computer security woes is a bad idea. ...


===> Security is the responsibility of all of us: technologists, coders, mobile phone users, writers, video watchers, bloggers, Wikipedia readers, bank clerks, bicycle couriers, politicians, policemen and gardeners. <===


            ===> It's not your fault. It's your responsibility. <===