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Are There Any Regions of the Country That Will Escape Effects of Climate Change? | UCSUSA

Are There Any Regions of the Country That Will Escape Effects of Climate Change? | UCSUSA | ApocalypseSurvival | Scoop.it
My husband and I live in the American Southwest and are very concerned about its habitability in the future due to worsening drought and rising temperatures. We are especially concerned about where our children and grandchildren will be able to live and prosper. Are there any regions of the country that might emerge unscathed from the effects of climate change?

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Russell Roberts's curator insight, September 10, 2014 11:26 AM

The short answer is "no."  Climatologist Jason Funk says no area of the country will be spared from major weather and ecological changes in the decades ahead.  Even in Hawaii, the impact of climate change will be "severe"--with fresh water being more difficult to find and sea rise threatening our marine ecosystem.  Hawaii's persistent drought is expected to continue, along with rising temperatures.  Erosion of beach areas is now being measured in inches per year, with Waikiki, Hapuna, and other recreational areas losing the most.  Hawaii Tourism Authority officials feel climate change will have a negative impact on many areas of the visitor industry--a prime driver of Hawaii's economy.  Funk says immediate action must be taken to mitigate the worst of these trends.  The facts are a bit grim--all we can do is reduce the human footprint where we can and hope for the best.  Aloha, Russ.

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The short answer is no.  Most of the mainland United States will experience rising sea levels, warmer temperatures, and prolonged drought.  These factors will impact negatively on crop and fruit production and lead to devastating forest fires and loss of habitat for many animal and plant species.  Jason Funk, the senior climatologist for the Climate and Energy Program of the Union of Concerned Scientists, says climate change will have a huge impact on Hawaii, including reduced supplies of fresh water and sea level changes which will "undermine the resource base Hawaiians depend on." Many areas of Hawaii Island are experiencing a severe, prolonged drought which will continue for the next several years.  Funk contends that unless the world controls carbon emissions and reduces consumption of resources, we are all headed to a warmer and most unpleasant future.  A very sobering thought.  We are our own worst enemy.  Aloha, Russ.

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