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Free Online Backup configuration in 3 Easy steps

Step 1Order free cloud computing service MegaBACKUP FREE 512GByte


Register and entering your information. In the registration page you will be asked to enter the subdomain name that corresponds to your personalized web page for the domain *. megacloudstorage.com (if you enter the name "johndoe" is your personal page http://johndoe.megacloudstorage.com) REGISTER NOW! or Watch the video tutorialStep 2Wait for the confirmation email with login and password accessStep 3WIN or MAC Software Installation to perform online backups of your files. At the end of installation you will be asked to enter login and password contained in the activation emailWindows InstallationMac installation
After configuring the software and a backup of your files, you can access your data online, listen to music, browse photos and videos
Anytime, Anywhere, from Any Device

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