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Rescooped by Karen Moles Rose from Geography Education

Fertility Rates in Gapminder

Fertility Rates in Gapminder | AP Human GeographyNRHS | Scoop.it

"CATHOLIC Argentina, Mexico & Phillippines have more babies born per woman than MUSLIM Indonesia, Iran & Turkey."

Via Seth Dixon
Mathijs Booden's comment, September 28, 2013 12:03 PM
Any mention of Gapminder gets an upvote from me. One of the best resources in and outside of the classroom, period.
jon inge's curator insight, October 11, 2013 2:20 PM

awesome site for development economics

Jessica Rieman's curator insight, April 2, 3:15 PM

When watching the video it was apparetnt that for Iran during the 1950-early1970's there was an increase in fertility and then decreased to almost 1.32% in 2010. These facts were very interseting to see and the way that we as historians/ georgraphers can predict the future with the past facts.

Rescooped by Karen Moles Rose from Geography Education

U.S. Religion Map and Religious Populations

U.S. Religion Map and Religious Populations | AP Human GeographyNRHS | Scoop.it
The Pew U.S. Religious Landscape Study religion map diagrams which religions have the highest populations in each state.

Via Seth Dixon
Travis Winger's curator insight, January 7, 7:14 PM

This shows how different cultures and religions have spread throughout America and how certain regions atract certain types of religion. This affects the areas culture and movement of people to certain areas.

Hye-Hyun Kang's curator insight, January 9, 9:13 PM

This shows how different religions have affected different states in the U.S. This affects certain areas in the states and their culture. 

Ryan Randomname's curator insight, January 16, 9:36 AM

Khanh Fleshman's insight: This relates to Key Issue #1 because it shows the distribution of religions on a national scale. It also  highlights the dominance of Christianity and Protestantism in the US.


Graham Shroyer's insight: This relates to key issue 1 because it shows the prevalence of christianity, a universalizing religion, in the US.


Vinay Penmetsa: This relates with the section, showing how Christianity is an universalizing religion, and its distribution in America.


Zahida Ashroff's Insight: This relates to Key Issue #1 because it shows the distribution and density of Protestants in the U.S. This map shows that the highest density of Protestants occur oin the South-Eastern region of the U.S.


Rishi Suresh: This relates to the distribution of denominations within America. It shows how the distribution is related to the patterns left by the original settlers.